Full name: Alexander Nyx Furr

Gender: Male

Age: 17

DOB (Date of Birth): 08/14/1998

Eye and hair color: Green eyes, blonde hair. (Will put picture depicting him)

Appearence/Fashion Sense: Dreses much like a Skater. he is practically covered with tattors and has stretched ears. He loves to skate, which is how he gets to and from school. Like his sister, he always wears converse. He has a scar across his nose from when he was enslaved by a woman.

Backstory: Alex was always close to his sister, Tiffany, even after their mother died. But, when he was 14, he and his father took a trip to the grocery store. Their car broke down on the way there, and a woman picked them up and gave them a ride. Well, that woman never took them home. She drugged them and took them to her home, keeping them as her personal slaves for three years. They attempted to escape and get back to Tiffany many times over the years, but never made it. As punishment, the cruel woman once slashed Alex across the face with a knife, leaving a permanent scar on his nose. One day, they attempt to escape once more. They collapsed by the road mid-escape, and a kind man put them in his car and carried them to the hospital. A month later, they show up at Tiffany's school and have a heart-warming reunion.

Personality: Carefree, happy, joking, easily swayed, flirtatious, oblivious, blunt, and protective over Tiffany, expecially when it comes to guys.

Clique: N/A

Actor/Actress: No idea x3