Mindy and Cindy
Some attributes
First Personality: Mindy: Cunning, manipulative, rude, obnoxious, tomboyish. Cindy: Sweet, tricky, girly, rude, ditzy.
Second Age: 15
Third Clique: The mean twins
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Dove Cameron
Fifth Character creator: FluffyKitty1
Sixth Availability: Open for RP

Cindy (left) and Mindy (right) are the adoptive twins of David Johnson and Wanda Johnson. Also the adoptive sister of Audrey Johnson. They're your cliche troublemakers. But they do more. Instead of filling the shampoo bottle with purple dye, they fill the shower cap with blue dye. Instead of coloring all your clothes red, they color all your clothes WHITE and cut into them. Beware. (Cindy is a bit nicer then Mindy)

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