Cooki Natasha is a vampire and a stripper at Tazed Tatas. She also used to be one of Allegra's prodigies.

Cooki Natasha
Some attributes
First DOB: December 23rd, 1992 (22)
Second Personality: Non-trusting, scared, rough-edged, kind.
Third Supernatural Powers:

Illusion Manipulation
Power Replication
Enhanced Senses

Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Zendaya
Fifth Character creator: POTF


Cooki has been abused her whole life. Given up for adoption at a early age, she's ran from every foster home she was put in, wanting to find her real mother. She's been beaten and sold also, put in the prostituion ring at an early age. She only discovered her powers 5 years ago and is still trying to handle the pressure of it, which is similar to the reason why she isn't a prodigy of Allegra anymore.