As you can tell, we will basically tell you how we operate our roleplaying system.

  1. We go in chat. If there is Xsk8terwolfX, Princess of the Fandoms (me), Survivor321, or FluffyKitty1, that means there is an active roleplaying session. Also, if you want to talk to someone without rp-ing, just use "(", ")", "[", "]", "{", "}", or "|" and "|". Or use another to board it from the rp-ing and just in general, or just use PM's.
  2. Blog posts! We also operate using blog posts, which can be posted by Princess of the Fandoms, Skater, or FK1 (the founder, FluffyKitty1).
  3. You can use the place pages to start a rp-ing session. Please ask a admin/chat mod, or the founder.

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