Lindsay Cluadette
Some attributes
First DOB: August 31st, 1991 (24)
Second Personality: Flirty, kind, reassuring, stubborn, caring, loving, outgoing.
Third Supernatural Powers:
Piercing Scream
Death by Kiss
Supernatural Communication
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Aimee Garcia
Fifth Character creator: POTF
 Lindsay Claudette is the older sister to Maree Claudette and a writer for "Good Ol' Snackin", a cooking comedy webseries. She used to live in Kenya, but moved back to Mexico once she learned her parents had died. She moves a lot, but tries to move for her and Maree's benefit now that "They Are One". She always tries to please her sister, but also gets a little selfish sometimes. She used to teach at OCD. She is also a Deniol, a Dream Banshee.

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