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Full Name: Madrid Char Dominguez

Gender: Female

Age: 19

DOB (Date of Birth): August 21st, 1996

Eye Color: Caramel-brown

Hair Color: Dark brown with slick black waves

Appearance/Fashion Sense: Madrid is rebellious and out of her comfort zone, matching tie-dye shirts with over sized blazers and sports bras with pajama pants. She has a thing for many accessories on her wrist or ear, and she loves painting her nails bright colors.

Occupation: Comic artist, writer, musician, hair & clothing stylist, dedicated parawhore, youtuber, student at Orange County Art Institute.

Backstory: Madrid grew up in Puerto Montt. As a child, she loved playing with makeup and listening to music, music being an essential part in her life. Her parents then moved to Miami when she was 5 or 6, where she met some of her friends and most of her enemies. She stayed in Miami most of her life, before transferring from University of Miami to the Orange County Art Institute in Santa Ana. She currently runs a Youtube channel named under the name "MonttNative".

Personality: Blunt, rebellious, risky, flirtatious. She likes to stand out and is strange in some ways. She's not very logical, but she isn't dumb either, as her GPA in high school was 4.5. She loves to travel and isn't that trusting of new people. She's very artistic with her works (writing or art) and is somewhat fashionable.

Clique: Underrated Youtubers

Actress: Sofia Carson


Madrid's 2005 black Jeep Liberty.

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