Ms. Kimberly Rivera
Some attributes
First Personality: Seductive, rude, femimine, educated, unique, actress.
Second Age: 27
Third Clique: Staff/Teachers
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Rosario Dawson
Fifth Character Creator: Princess of the Fandoms

Kimberly Rivera is one of the characters in the HS RP Wiki. She was created by Princess of the Fandoms, and is played by her.


She was born in Bronx, New York to Heather and Jesus (pronuced Hesus). Even in the "Big Apple" there were even poorer than poor. 2 jobs at a time, even little Kimberly had to work. And now she's finally leaving her past of being a poor girl to being a "supa rich godess". And she finally started teaching, her one dream.

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